Life lessons learned as a Make Up Artist!

It’s a new year, new adventures and a new beauty blog! I have been working as a professional make up artist for 10 years, and I believe our outer appearance is a reflection of our inner self and I believe that these two things are connected closer than we realize.

This beauty blog is something I’ve been considering for the past year and now that it’s a new year I’m ready to start it. I have not arrived a the pinnacle of my career or skill set as I believe one should be the constant student in one’s craft, but I do know a quite a few things and I would LOVE to share with you what I know.

With this blog, I hope to encourage you to look at yourself not just outwardly, but inwardly and recognize you are much more than just the face the world sees.

I will teach make up techniques, tell you what’s new on the market, cover what’s trending as well as explore a smattering of other beauty related topics.

If you’re ready to improve your make up skills while learning how our beauty truly radiates from the inside then join me on this journey and welcome to my beauty blog on!!!